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I was scammed out of nearly $8,000 from this fraud. Update, I have received a letter from the Attorney General’s office in Austin, Texas.

I have a meeting with them next week. Since Texas is known for scams like Hoodoo Delish they have interest in all the evidence I have submitted! Avi Bea Hoodoo Delish and Trans man Holly think it’s all a joke. We are just bluffing.

Lol I can’t wait to see the look on her Face when they say ‘ You have the right to remain silent and slam the cuffs on her scamming people and violating several copyright laws. Also, she is under false pretense Avi Bevi also Rebecca Avoni (and tried to hide her real name . We now have her new location. She along with other scammers, frauds, fake hoodoo appropriators such as conjure cardea, Gillman ross, inexplicable things - bayou witchery rootwork & conjureShawn Marie and Kelley Jeffrey, are planning the best scam fest of the central.

If Hoodoo Delsih is real then why hasn’t she done a weight loss spell for this people she is working with?

As A white American I am ashamed that we would steal another’s culture and beliefs for money it’s awful. It cracks me up they believe they have ancestors or spirits. Who? The KLAN?

I guess that’s who they are making offerings to. They have no African in their blood nor is Hoodoo/ Voodoo American or made to be such. I really thought Hoodoo was American but I was lied to and sold a sales pitch by Hoodoo Delish and Swamp people They look like they smell since they are on the swamp. BAYOU BONEFEST 2018.

Yes you heard it from herself. They can’t seem to stop copying LUCKY MOJO! I doubt this BAYOU BONEFEST is even real if it is the police will arrest them all during that time and save much trouble. DON’T WORRY WHEN WE WIL FINALLY Meet HOODOO DELISH INPERSON .

Hopefully, she will give back nearly 8,000 I was scammed of If not will I hope she has protection . She has no idea of how many felons she has committed. The cancer cleansing ritual never worked for my mother in law and my son is jobless and the fake remove debt spell didn’t work. I have saved all the information.

I’m sure other people are coming to get justice at the BAYOU BONEFEST.

Too bad they are unaware that some people are undercover and have bought tickets that are the police and wives of policeman in Texas. We just can’t wait to get Justice and all the poor victims Hoodoo delish has scammed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hoodoo Delish Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Police Arrest.

I didn't like: Scam, Fake, Fraud, Appropriator.

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You gave your money freely, clearly knowing she informed you that this work had no guaranteed results. This profession is a "practice".

There are plenty of professionals that sell their services. Attorneys, doctors, etc.

You pay the skilled and trained professional for the SERVICE, however, you still pay your attorney and doctor, even if the court case is lost or you as a patient gets sick. There are no guarantees.


She was not arrested. I thought the money was 8k?

not 1,700?

Did you meet her in person? im pretty sure if she was aware of her felonies she would not even post on facebook.


You do know that magic doesn't work like you seem to think it does right? This isn't Harry Potter and you cannot wish away all your problems or pay someone else to wish away all your problems.

Wtf?! And if you're so offended by the fact she's appropriating African American culture then why the *** did you spend so much money with her and her HOODOO practices?! I don't know her, or you, but it's obvious you're just pissed off and using anything you possibly can to attack her such as mentioning the klan.

Because if you actually thought that you would have never dealt with her in the first place. You sound pathetic.

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